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Stocks To Watch 2/8/16-2/12/16

$WLL if it hold's 6.5 I like it for a move back to 8.25. Doesn't break that 8.25 sell. If go's below 6.5 start buying at 6 with stop at 5.8- In the High 4's also seemed like a good area for swing

$DATA don't mind it here. Stop if doesn't hold $40. Or try it near $40 for bounce. Below 40 ugly. If pops Monday short at 45.5 stop at 45.8

$LNKD short risk not worth it here. Maybe 110-113 scale in. Stop over 113.5. I actually prefer it long at at 103 stop at 102. Buyers at 103

$AAL if this can't break back above $37 not a fan until 34. Doesn't hold 34 look for 31.8 and then 28. If it comes back over 37 could go 40+

$VHC so been perky last few days. They are holding so shorts can exit. I like it above 6.7 for possible swing

$JUNO chart getting better. Wait till moving averages tighten a little more. If you play here stop at 24. Look to get back in 22 stop 20

$GPRO could be good Monday. Stop at 10.3 if your day trading it. Holds .3 I like it for move to 11-11.2. Gotta break 11.2 or get out.

$SUPN I like it above 12.3 for move to 13.5-14 again. Below 12.3 piggie must be shorter to 11. Watch bounce at 11.1 from April

$NFLX if comes to 79 and drops quick below look for 76 to buy. Stop below 75 as gap WILL fill. Look to buy near 69-70. If short here stop 83

$MCD Like near $112,109.5 with stop at 108-108.5. If holds 108 I expect move to 122-124 and possibly even new 52w highs. Market favoring it

$BSI seems to want to hold 3.5. Below 3 though let this die. If you don't they will and you will lose.

$KSS it's short biased at 42. Like it long close to 39 or even 40. Stop 38.5-38.7. Look to rebuy near 36. I think holds 39 if market holds.

$TWTR actually an easy play here. Might as well go long in 15's and stop if it doesn't hold .3 or 15 flat-Risk Vs Reward good here above 15

$FRO this stock is a pig. Short every pop and just stop above 10.5. Going to 5-6 again Maybe Lower

$INO don't let go below 5.8 will test 5 then. Buyers at 6 flat. Shorts hitting it at .25 and .5 back to 6. Breaks 6.6 will see near 8 again

$FHCO interesting here. Could be worth a swing above 1.5. Below look to buy near .25 for move back 1.6-1.7. At 1.25 stop if doesn't hold 1.1

$VRX hate it up here Unless it breaks 102. I like scale in near 86 with stop at 84. Then look to play 82 stop 79.8. Worth short below 95 or at 101 stop 102

$FB pretty simple here. Doesn't hold 103 look to scale in 100.6-98. Below 98 let her go. Holds 98 could hit the 110 then 113 area again.